Coaching Skills for Managers

The level of sustained motivation and confidence is astonishing. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it’s different. People love it. AVP Learning & Development, major Canadian financial institution

What if your coach training actually changed the way people worked … In practice, not just in theory? We give time-crunched managers practical coaching tools so they can coach in 10 minutes or less.

What if you could work less hard but have more impact?

Companies struggle to balance everyday Good Work with  Great Work. Our Great Work Programs are designed to help your people, teams and organization do the work that matters and makes a difference.

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Kyle Richey,

July 10, 2014

Lately we’ve been looking into how to build good habits so people can live better, happier and more productive lives. There are a bunch of apps out there to help build habits, and I use a couple of them, one Read More


Great Work Provocation

July 21, 2014

One of these days … down with procrastination! Get provoked daily. Sign up our Great Work Provocations. Like a shot of espresso in the morning without the caffeine. Feel free to share – Blog it, Facebook it, Pin it…anyway you like. Read More


Twofer Tuesday: On Failure & Questions

July 22, 2014

Have you joined our Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group? We share insights, ideas and links,  all designed to inspire and help you conquer the day-to-day realities of your workday. Are you allowed to fail? Here’s how Nike approaches that Read More


Tools for the Time Crunched Manager

Welcome to our webinar series! Get easy-to-implement insights and tools to help you increase your focus, your smarts and your impact. The Tools for the Time Crunched Manager webinars are designed to be high energy, fast moving and practical. They’re Read More

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