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Laurence Haughton, Success in Business

laurence haughtonLaurence Haughton is a writer, lecturer and management consultant. His work – the two books he’s written and the services he provides – rest soundly on the fact that he’s spent the last 15 years interviewing over 5000 executives, entrepreneurs and managers as to what really makes things succeed.  So whether Laurence is talking about how you use speed as a competitive advantage (as he does in his first bestseller It’s Not the Big that Eat the Small, It’s the Fast that Eat the Slow) or about the art of execution (the topic of his second book, It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Do) the insights are grounded on reality, not just theory.

In this interview we talk about

Listen to the interview with Laurence Haughton

0:16 Michael introduces Laurence Haughton

0:26 Laurence’s 2 books It’s Not the Big that Eat the Small, It’s the Fast that Eat the Slow and It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Do

2:54 How his first job shaped Laurence’s world-view (it’s a company you know well)

6:59 The role framing plays in your experience of Great Work

9:45 Why the New Zealand All Blacks never seem to win the rugby World Cup

11:30 The challenge behind creating great teamwork – and the power of feedback

14:18 Why principles can trump rules

16:38 There is more power in asking for help than in pretending you don’t need help

20:38 Learn about Laurence’s new book

22:41 How to find out more about Laurence Haughton

23:11 Michael closes the interview

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