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Sally Bonneywell, Head of Coaching GSK

When I first met Sally Bonneywell she headed up the global leadership, development and talent management team of GlaxoSmithKline. Since then she’s moved on to become the VP of organizational development for global manufacturing and supply. In this role she’s wrestling with the challenge of inviting 34,000 people in 46 countries to do Great Work. Her experience on the job is no doubt further informed by her Bachelor of Science in psychology and anthropology and an MBA. This interview was a complete pleasure for me, because Sally is both a friend and a previous client. In it we cover:

Listen to the interview with Sally Bonneywell

0:16 Michael introduces Sally Bonneywell

2:22 How an Appreciative Inquiry approach helped her succeed in a new role

6:00 Whether you can do Great Work if you like to be liked and you play the “nice guy”

8:25 The role of courage in Great Work, and how to give things the sweaty palms test

13:03 The two key strategies to help an organization become more agile

21:30 How to get more Great Work in your life

22:15 Michael closes the interview

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