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Carl Oxholm, Coaching Initiative

Carl Oxholm is a tax partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers here in Canada, and is a friend and a client.  Above and beyond his regular duties managing client and their tax planning challenges, Carl is also the national champion for the Coaching Initiative for partners within PwC.  In this conversation he brings the perspective not just of somebody who is at the top of his game in a professional service firm, but also has thought long and hard about he impact of coaching and how organizations can be doing more Great Work and less Good Work.  In this broad-ranging interview we look at:

Listen to my interview with Carl Oxholm

0:16 Michael introduces Carl Oxholm

2:36 Carl’s role in championing a vision and values program within PwC – and what made it stick

11:44 How to balance focus on the “how” and the “what” to help support behavioral change

12:13 The importance of “presence” and self-knowledge to be able to role model Great Work

19:00 What to say yes to and what to say no to

24:40 The role of courage in Great Work

29:34 Michael closes the interview

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