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Kevin & Melinda Berg, Access Life

Kevin and Melinda Berg are a formidable pair and their story speaks powerfully to what it means to overcome challenges to do more Great Work. They are parents, college graduates and they run their own small business – so far, nothing out of the ordinary. But they are also the founders of Access Life, a non-profit organization that supports people with mobility impairment. Kevin and Melinda know the importance of that personally, because Kevin has cerebral palsy and has been confined to a wheelchair all his life. He has difficulty speaking, he can’t feed or dress himself and yet in the face of these physical limitations, he has stayed focused on doing Great Work. Access Life finds the funding for people who need high-tech wheelchairs, funding that is routinely denied by government or insurance companies. In this interview we talk about:

Listen to the interview with Kevin and Melissa Berg

0:16 Michael introduces Kevin and Melinda Berg

2:04 What it means to be “eye-level” and how that changes everything

5:20 The inspiring story of the first fundraiser for Access Life and what a “Kevin Mile” means

11:56 The power and importance of a team to achieve Great Work

14:22 How to learn more about Access Life and Kevin and Melinda

16:47 Michael closes the interview

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