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James Huffines, Overcoming Resistance to Change

James Huffines is the Chairman of the central and south Texas district of the PlainsCapital bank in Austin, as well as being an SVP of the Plains Capital Corporation.  In other words, James Huffines is a senior and experienced leader in the world of finance.  But what was particularly rewarding in this interview is the perspective James brings having been actively involved in a number of non-profit organizations, such as the Austin and Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and in State government.

In the course of our interview James and I looked at the differences between public and private organizations, as well as discussing different strategies leaders at all levels can use to champion change. Listen in particular for:

Listen to my interview with James Huffines

0:16    Michael introduces James Huffines
4:36    What it means to make a commitment for success
5:47    James’s strategies for overcoming resistance to change
10:35   Laying the foundation for more Great Work
14:07   Identifying resistance and addressing it – finding a common ground
16:00   Staying focused on Great Works – turning your attention to the work that truly matters
18:42   Michael closes the interview

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