Mahna mahna (Happy 40th Sesame Street!)

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If you’ve been Googling at all in the last week, you’ll have seen the various Sesame St characters popping up as part of the Google design.

It’s all part of the lead up to today, Sesame Street’s 40th Birthday.

Even though it caused chaos in Australia – does the alphabet end in “zed” or “zee”? – it’s hard not to see it as a work of genius.

Let me count the ways…

And of course, it’s the origin for me of one of the greatest songs ever – and which featured on the first ever episode – Mahna Maha

Here’s the Muppets doing one of their versions

Who’s your favourite character? How did Sesame Street rock your world?

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4 Responses to Mahna mahna (Happy 40th Sesame Street!)

  1. artgirl says:

    never watched Sesame till i had my 1st child in 1987! my favorite is the song “everybody sleeps” and Guyyyyy Smiley!!! my favorite character…hmmm…i guess Big Bird, cause he’s just so kind…Big Bird in China is a great video too! wow, i’m starting to take a long walk down memory lane!!! thanks! happy trails!

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  3. Shell says:

    I have so many fond memories of watching Sesame Street. My favorite character is Cookie Monster. I always wished he was real, so we can spend a whole day eating cookies together and having fun.