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Merlin Mann, 43Folders

Merlin Man, author of 43 FoldersHere’s a confession.  I want to be able to think like Merlin Mann.

He’s really smart on the topic of productivity, and in fact some part of his success comes from which is a reference to David Allen’s Getting Things Done system.  But Merlin Mann’s work is not just about productivity.  It’s about creativity and purpose and striving to stay human and sane in a busy and distracting world and doing work that matters, doing Great Work. And Merlin does all of this in funny, provocative, iconoclastic way.

In fact, writing this introduction and listening to the interview again has already provoked me to shift some of my own commitments in an effort to, as Merlin puts it, “identify and destroy small return bullshit.  Shut off anything that’s noisier than it is useful.”  Great stuff indeed, and this is a wise and funny interview delving into productivity, creativity and being open to possibilities.

In our interview Merlin and I talk about:

You can follow Merlin Mann on Twitter @hotdogsladies or check out his personal website Merlin Mann.

Listen to my interview with Merlin Mann

0:16    Michael introduces Merlin Mann
2:17    Merlin’s list for doing Great Works
10:07  How the present is a “remedial course for the future” – and the pros and cons of those ‘creation myth’ stories where people find clues for their Great Work
12:12  The importance of an open heart and just where that might lead you
12:46  The connection between productivity and creativity
15:01  The two levels of prioritization (and how freeing it is to know that)
28:41  How to learn more about Merlin Mann
35:09  Michael closes the interview

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