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Hugh MacLeod, Gaping Void

MacLeod_HThose who like Hugh MacLeod’s cartoons and writing like them a lot, and I’m one of those people. His cartoons are wise, abrasive and often cut to the heart of what it means to do Great Work, to find your own path and to stay human in the corporate world – or as he puts it in this interview, “figure out what’s really going on.” In fact, he often refers to this cartoons as ‘cubicle bombs’ – little explosions that disrupt Business As Usual. I’ve got this one hanging up in my house:

In our interview, we spend a good deal of the time exploring some of the 40 strategies for creativity he outlines in his book ‘Ignore Everybody‘ including:

You can follow Hugh on Twitter at @gapingvoid and see his cartoons and art at his blog,

Listen to my interview with Hugh MacLeod

0:16 Michael introduces Hugh MacLeod

0:55 Hugh’s book Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity

5:09 What it really means to ‘sing in your own voice’ (and how Hugh found his)

13:29 How Hugh manages to stay creative and fresh – and the answer is surprisingly undramatic

16:15 What, when it comes down to it, Hugh thinks is the secret to his and others’ success

22:27 How Hugh keeps his discipline

29:26 How to find out more about Hugh MacLeod

30:20 Michael closes the interview

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