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Krishna De, Bring Your Brand to Life

Krishna De’s tagline is “Bring your brand to life” and she takes this message to individuals and organizations around the world and both on and off line. She comes with dirt under her fingernails from working in organizations. Krishna was the youngest person on the Guinness Board and the first woman, and she has worked in three continents and 30 countries.  She really brings a wealth of international expertise, gusto and experience to this conversation about branding and also about great work.

In this interview we talk about:

You can follow Krishna on Twitter at @KrishnaDe and on her blog.

Listen to my interview with Krishna De

0:16 Michael introduces Krishna De

1:44 Krishna’s books

3:26 Why stability is as important as risk as the foundation for Great Work

6:20 What dealing with the threats from the mafia taught her about Great Work

13:42 How to become CEO of your own career – and what support structures you might up in place to allow that to happen

21:17 How to rail against the threat of a mediocre life

29:35 How to find out more about Krishna De

30:27 Michael closes the interview

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