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Seth Godin, Myth of the Individual Hero

Seth Godin interviewI don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing Seth Godin’s blog is the most read in the world of business. In his blog, just as with his numerous and excellent books, (Linchpin, Tribes, Purple Cow etc.) Seth has an unparalleled capacity to offer up insights and ideas that challenge, provoke and support us all to do more Great Work. What does it mean to serve others? What does it mean to break the rules? What does it mean to do business in this changing world?

It is quite an honour that Seth has contributed an original piece to Do More Great Work.

In this interview we talk about:

You can follow Seth Godin on his blog or on Twitter at @ThisIsSethsBlog

Listen to my interview with Seth Godin

0:16    Michael introduces Seth Godin
0:27    Seth’s books The Dip, Purple Cow, Tribes
2:10    Why the idea of the ‘individual hero’ is over-rated
4:38    One great way to deal with increasing responsibility
7:26    What the driving force behind workaholics
9:47    How you can be the best in the world, no matter where you are or what you do
24:35  What it takes to allow a Great Work to flourish
25:35  How to learn more about Seth Godin
26:00  Michael closes the interview

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