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Al Ries, Branding

Al Ries, author of 22 Immutable Laws of BrandingDo you want to create a leading brand?

Then Al Ries is your man. Al Ries is the legendary marketing strategist who co-authored a series of articles declaring the arrival of the Positioning Era in 1972. Positioning is about how to place your brand in the mind of a consumer in a crowded marketplace, and this concept has revolutionized how people view branding.

Al is the bestselling author of 22 Immutable Laws of Branding and Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It.

In our interview, Al and I talk about what it takes to make a brand truly flourish, which often defies logic and conventional wisdom:

Learn more about Al Ries at Or you can check out the Al Ries page on Wikipedia for additional background information.

Listen to my interview with Al Ries

0:16    Michael introduces Al Ries
1:11    How to be the leading brand – the Heinz, Starbucks, Red Bull or Gatorade – of your category
3:07    What people will remember after reading a magazine with 200 ads – and what this means for your brand
6:06    Why doing things different is more important than doing things better than the competition
8:17    How to increase profits by focusing on a single concept (find out why Nintendo is more profitable than Sony)
18:54   What must we say yes to and what must we say no to
22:06   How to find out more about Al Ries
22:50   Michael closes the interview

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