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Jenny Blake, Life After College

Jenny Blake, Life After College

I often think, there should be a book for people who get out of college and look around and say, “What the hell just happened?”
The good news is, there is a brand new book called Life After College by Jenny Blake that’s a terrific collection of resources, tools and insights around navigating through those first few years after college.

Jenny is the career development program manager at Google. And she also co-manages the Authors at Google Series, for which I recently had the honor of speaking. She’s also a yoga teacher, personal development junkie and she loves cupcakes.

Today we talk about:

  • Learning to use physical cues (such as your energy level) to assess whether you’re doing meaningful Great Work
  • How she gets it all done: running life as a series of sprints and recoveries, not a marathon
  • Taking power away from your inner critics, like the schoolteacher and the drill sergeant

Learn more about Life After College at www.lacbook.com, read Jenny’s blog at www.lifeaftercollege.org and find her on Twitter @Jenny_Blake.

Listen to my interview with Jenny Blake

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