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Philip Zimbardo, The Lucifer Effect

Philip Zimbardo, The Lucifer Effect

Today I’m talking to Professor Phil Zimbardo of Stanford University.
I came to him through his book The Lucifer Effect which is a powerful and disturbing look at why good people do bad things, based on the findings of the Stanford University Prison Experiment.
Phil is now the founder of The Hero Project and we have a great conversation about what it takes to become an ordinary hero. In this interview, Phil shares :

  • How growing up in the South Bronx around gangs and drug dealers fostered his interest in why good people do bad things
  • The enormous power that situations have over us, and the pressure to conform
  • What we can learn from the psychology behind Candid Camera
  • How anyone can become a “hero in training,” regardless of race, gender or age

Visit and check out the book The Lucifer Effect.

Listen to my interview with Phil Zimbardo.

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