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Rich Tosi, The Mankind Project

Rich Tosi is one of the founders of the Mankind Project, which helps men figure out how to live a full life. Over the past 20 years, tens of thousands of men have gone through this training (including me). The training is a wonderful call towards finding your great work and your contribution to the world.
As one of the three founders, Rich has changed and influenced a lot of men’s lives for the better. Rich has had a military career, and then a corporate career as an engineer at GM and he does couples work with his wife Char. So that’s a pretty full portfolio and he brings an interesting perspective to our conversation.

Rich and I discuss:

Find out more about Mankind Project at and check out the website for couples workshops that Rich leads with Char at

Listen to my interview with Rich Tosi

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One Response to Rich Tosi, The Mankind Project

  1. Michael – thank you for the interview – there’s a lot that I didn’t know about Rich here that is really cool! I only know him in the MKP context – and it was really neat to hear about his work at GM!