One Word Frees Us of all the Weight and Pain of Life… [Great Work Quote]

“One word frees us of all
the weight and pain of life;
that word is love.”

It is Valentines Week after all, and after my short piece on Fierce Love earlier, this quote seemed to be one to share.

It makes me think…

Anything strike a chord here for you?

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One Response to One Word Frees Us of all the Weight and Pain of Life… [Great Work Quote]

  1. Ingrid Urgolites says:

    I think of love as the opposite of resentment. If I choose to approach life form the perspective of love it becomes a dance of gratitude and my feeling spreads as effectively as the common cold. Unlike a cold the feeling doesn’t dampen people‚Äôs day it brightens it up and in turn their new feelings of happiness can help to lift the “weight and pain “of still others.

    One brief example. A guy comes into the store with a handful of money for me. He says it is half his lottery winnings and he is giving it to me because it will be good for his Karma. He then tells me how every time he sees me something really good happens to him, a promotion, his girlfriend says “yes”, a free cup of coffee, and so on and so forth. Well, the last time he saw me he won the lottery (chance, I assure you.) The point is when he sees me I give him something intangible “love” (I give it to everyone) he takes it and spreads it in his life, other people see it in him and he gets the reward, and so on.