Practical Coaching Series: Essential Interviews with Coaches You Need to Know About

It’s International Coaching Week – hurrah!

Much as I love professional coaches – hey, I am one after all – my real passion is about making coaching just a regular part of the way we work.  In particular, how can you as a busy manager and leader use coaching more often to increase the focus, impact and meaning of the work you and those around you do.

Peter Block, a man I constantly hold up as a deep influence on my work, said it best:

Coaching is not a profession.
It’s a way of being with one another.


I’ve had the good luck of interviewing some fantastic coaching thought-leaders over the last number of years as part of the Great Work Interview series.

Here are 7 thought leaders you might be interested to hear. Listen for the useful insights and tactics they share – your coaching will be richer as a result.

Sir John Whitmore is one of the fathers of the coaching profession and author of the influential Coaching for Performance.

Cinnie Noble, the leading figure in the world of Conflict Management Coaching which just happens to be the name of her new book.

Mary Beth O’Neill, author of one of the best books I know about executive coaching, Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart.

Rich Litvin, who does fantastic work about probing the secret of confidence.’

Eddie Erlandson who with his business and life partner Kate Ludeman wrote Alpha Male Syndrome, a book in coaching those “A types” (men and women) in organizations.

David Rock, who’s at the head of the pack when it comes to connecting the findings of neuroscience with the art of leadership and management and who’s book Your Brain at Work is destined to be a classic.

Dan Coyle, author of the very fine book The Talent Code that talks about what “deep practice” really means.

And if you’re interested in hearing some internal practitioners…

Sally Bonneywell, Head of Coaching for the global pharma company GSK.

Carl Oxholm, leader of the coaching initiative at the professional service firm pwc.

Listen up, pick up some tips, then go flex some coaching muscle.

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One Response to Practical Coaching Series: Essential Interviews with Coaches You Need to Know About

  1. Max Samuels says:

    You need to add Marshall Goldsmith to that list!
    Without him it just isn’t a list of “coaches you need to know about”…