Twofer Tuesday: Do we have too many managers? And maximizing your focus with music

Two interesting pieces this Tuesday…

Are managers a blessing or a curse?

The first article is from the BBC, suggesting that we didn’t need managers during the Industrial Revolution, so why do we need so many now?

It’s interesting to see the history of how we ended up with management being such an essential part of the corporate world. And we’ve probably all suffered from an excess of useless managers in our time.

But too many managers? I’m inclined to think that with the complexity of our working worlds, managers – when they’re good – can be very good indeed.

What do you think?

You can read the article here:!

Increase your focus … by listening to music

Focus is one of the essentials of doing more Great Work, so any tips, strategies or hacks to lessen the distraction and increase the attention is a good thing.

I’m in intrigued by this idea that the right kind  of music at the right volume can significantly increase your focus.

You can read about this new service and the science behind it here:

I’ve got plans to try it out. But before I do – what’s your best strategy for increasing and sustaining your focus?

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