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William Arruda, Ditch, Dare, Do: 3D Personal Branding for Executives

william-arrudaWhether you work for a big corporation or your own company, there’s very little job security in today’s economy. So it’s increasingly important to be thinking about yourself as a brand.

My guest today is a global expert on personal branding. William Arruda has written books and hosts communities about branding. He’s co-authored a new book called Ditch, Dare, Do: 3D Personal Branding for Executives, and I’m glad to be talking to William today about how to build and deliver on a personal brand.

In this interview, William and I discuss:

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Listen to my interview with William Arruda.

0:00:00: William defines a brand as “a unique promise of value” and discusses his own brand attributes: enthusiastic, passionate, optimistic.

0:05:02: Michael and William talk about the connection between brand attributes and personal values. William explains that he sees attributes as the external manifestation of values, and brings up the inherent challenge of conforming to a company with a brand that contradicts our individual values.

0:10:01: Michael asks how a company can achieve brand consistency if each employee is reflecting their own individual brand. William explains the difference between conformity and consistency, and points out that a win-win situation involves having employees apply who they are as individuals to delivering on the corporate brand promise. In doing so, they can attain corporate consistency without having to conform or abandon their personal values.

0:15:03: Following up on the topic of his book’s title, Ditch, Dare, Do, William offers some examples of mindsets or practices to ditch and good risks to take.

0:20:04: William discusses one of his biggest dares: taking a huge financial risk to pursue the concept of personal branding, even when no one else believed in it. He points out that “when you’re not daring, you’re not learning, you’re not growing, you’re not moving forward.” Michael and William compare notes on the importance of daring to reach out to people who have more seniority or experience, in order to build connections and brand communities.

0:25:05: Michael wraps up by asking William to direct listeners to other resources on his work and his book.

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