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Raj Sisodia on Conscious Capitalism

This week during our month-long 300th-episode celebration, I’m bringing back some of the most provocative interviews I’ve had over the past few years of podcasting. One of those thought-provoking conversations was with Raj Sisodia, who waves the flag for capitalism as Read More


Daniel Witthaus on Open Conversations

Daniel Witthaus is a gay rights advocate and education activist on a mission to eliminate homophobia. In 2002 he launched Pride & Prejudice, an educational program aimed at helping secondary school teachers challenge homophobia in their classrooms. Since then he’s launched Read More


Gina Trapani on Choices

Gina Trapani is a web developer and writer, and one of the most influential people in technology — she was recently named as among the 100 most awesome women in the open source community. I’m revisiting this interview with Gina as part Read More


Tal Ben-Shahar on Happiness

As you know, dear reader, we are in the midst of celebrating of our 300th episode of the Great Work Podcast, and I’m reaching into the vaults to pull out some of the most enlightened, most profound conversations I’ve had Read More


Leo Babauta on Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is a guy I have long known, admired and liked. He’s been a guest on this podcast twice over the years, and these interviews are some of the most popular here on the Great Work Podcast. He’s the Read More


The Hardest Question to Ask

What is the hardest question to ask? What comes to mind for you? There are plenty that set you up for potentially awkward social moments, for sure. How much do you earn? Will you marry me? What’s this rash? Is that Read More


BJ Fogg on Behaviour Change

When it comes to rewiring our patterns, one of the biggest names in behaviour change is BJ Fogg. He’s a teacher at Stanford University, where he leads the Persuasion Technology Lab, and also the force behind the website Tiny Habits. Read More