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CSTD Webinar & Workshop on Great Work

The Webinar On Thursday September 26th at 1:00pm I’m leading a webinar for CSTD members that explores how to do more of the work that makes a difference, creates impact, and has meaning. Here are a few of the things we’ll … Continue reading

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Four useful (and free) events for the managers, leaders and coaches among us

I’ve got four great events coming up that I’d love you to check out and perhaps be part of. The first three have this in common: 1. there’s no charge at all and 2. they’re stuffed full of usefulness and … Continue reading

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How do you remember what really matters? (Here’s my new tool)

There’s all sorts of ways to “come back to the centre” and remember who you really are and what really matters. A list of your values, a statement of your Great Work Project, a trusted group of colleagues and friends, … Continue reading

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Webinar: The Four Counterintuitive Truths of Successful Manager Coaching

I’m running a useful webinar on Thursday at 8am Eastern. Sign up here if you’re curious. Here’s the blurb Coaching is an essential part of most learning and development strategies – people and organizations flourish when managers have good coaching … Continue reading

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How to become an active reader of business books

My friend Chris Taylor of Actionable Books is launching a book club with a twist. The good news? Cost is exactly $0. Even though they’re buying a new book every month for you. (I know, crazy good right?) The other … Continue reading

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Three new books that … didn’t quite rock my world (but might rock yours)

Ah – it’s a busy time in the publishing world. I’ve got piles of books by my bed, desk and on my bookshelves. Here are three that are recently out, and that – while each is full of good stuff … Continue reading

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A notice for our RSS Feed Subscribers to The Great Work Blog and Great Work Interviews

Greetings all! With the changing of the leaves here comes a change in service provider for our RSS Feeds. If you have subscribed to our Blog posts or Great Work Interview series using the RSS service – please note the … Continue reading

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How to amplify good (the best spent $100 of the year)

I really love this $100 Change project from Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Here’s how it works. Natalie (along with every other attendee) gets given $100 by Chris Guillebeau (one of his genius touches at the end of the World … Continue reading

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Should you Build a Meditation Habit?

Scientists and sages both seem to agree you should. And heaven knows, I’ve tried. Sit down. Breathe. Count your breath. I’ve totally got the theory down. And yet, regardless of my theoretical mastery, I’ve failed, failed, failed. My very good … Continue reading

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