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The Right Way to Ask a Question

How do we learn from one another? How can we inspire our teams to be more focussed? By doing just that: Asking questions. Mastering the art of a powerful question can free up busy manager time. And, teams naturally become Read More


How to Kickstart Something

Spring is when everything seems to burst forth. New ideas and new opportunities blossom and flourish. If you’re looking to kickstart your next big move, these podcasts might inspire you… Find Your Awesome Side Project… Listen in as Neil Pasricha Read More


Where’s Your Finish Line? 3 Lessons Learned

Done! The Coaching Habit. It’s launched. Hurrah! By the way, when you imagine me getting across this particular finish line, you shouldn’t be thinking “fast and elegant, like Usain Bolt”. You should be thinking, “it appears Michael has just completed Read More


Twofer Tuesday: On Urgency and Priorities

Have you joined our Tools for the Time-Crunched Manager LinkedIn group? It’s designed to inspire and help you conquer the day-to-day challenges of your workday! We often share resources like this… Is it Urgent… Or Important? I have two kinds of Read More


My Least Favourite Manager!

I sat down with the nice folks at the American Management Association to talk about my all-time favourite manager…Well in this case, my LEAST favourite manager, and the powerful lesson I learned from working with him. It’s a three-minute video, and I Read More