The Alchemy of Great Work

Great Work

Our mission at Box of Crayons is to help people and organizations do less Good Work and more Great Work.

Curious? Here’s what we mean in a little over 3 minutes. And there’s more below.

If you’re not the movie type, here’s the bottom line.

Everything you do can fall into one of three different categories.

Bad Work

Those tasks that slowly chip away at your life. Mind-numbing, soul-sucking, life-ebbing. It’s the work that, given the choice, you’d never do again. In organizations, it’s often called bureaucracy.

Good Work

What most of us do most of the time. One way to think of it is as your job description: you’re good at it, your boss wants you to do it, you’re generally happy to do it, and it keeps you busy. The problem is of course, it’s never-ending and it keeps you stuck in a comfortable rut.

Great Work

The work that matters, the work you care about, the work that makes a difference. We’re all hungry for more of this. But it’s work that challenges us, stretches us, pushes us to the edge of our comfort and competence. We’re constantly tempted to give up the Great Work and retreat back to the safety of the Good.

It’s not about stopping Good Work and Bad Work and only doing Great Work. It’s about finding the best possible balance between Good and Great. In fact, that’s one way to think of strategy: the best possible mix between what’s needed and what’s wanted.