Coaching for Great Work™Coaching for Great Work

Your managers and leaders want to coach more – but they’re overwhelmed by too many strategic priorities, too much email and the complications of getting a team to be more than the sum of its parts. Coaching for Great Work tackles the barriers that stop managers from coaching more effectively. Learn more about our flagship Coaching for Great Work program.

The Coaching Habit™      The Coaching Habit

As a leader, you know the value of developing coaching skills. Coaching employees effectively increases focus and drives impact. This introduction to coaching program lays down a clear and powerful foundation for people to build a sustainable coaching habit. It’s a unique opportunity to see, practice and embed the benefits coaching has to offer. Discover our introduction to coaching program.

The Last Feedback Workshop Ever™The Last Feedback Workshop Ever

It’s one of those difficult moments. Someone on the team isn’t doing what they should, and it’s up to you to give them the news. To give them feedback. What if having those tough conversations was just a whole lot less… tough? We’ve combined the latest in neuroleadership research and two flexible feedback models. Learn more about The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need.

Great Work Kickstart™Great Work Kickstart

Great Work is the work that increases employee engagement and personal effectiveness. But how do they get started when everyone is so busy with managing the overwhelm of day-to-day business life? This customizable workshop gives employees the practical self-management skills they need to self-define, start and sustain more Great Work. Learn more about Great Work Kickstart.