Great Work Podcast

Great Work Podcast

Interviews with business leaders, writers and other interesting folks on how they discovered their Great Work.


Great Work Provocations

Our Great Work Provocations are less-than-30-seconds-to-read-messages to help give your mornings a twist.

Four Surprising Phrases

Great Work Reports

Discover the latest reports designed to help your managers and teams improve focus, resilience and impact.

My One Best Question

My One Best Question

We’re big champions of the great question. We believe it can unlock the answers you’ve been looking for. Watch these short videos to learn what authors, thought leaders, coaches and executives call their One Best Question.


Tools for the Time Crunched Manager

Tools for the Time-Crunched Manager, a webinar series for aimed at improving your focus and impact.

Box of Crayons Movies


Watch our short animated doses of inspiration here, including the very popular The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun.

Fast Coaching For Busy People

Fast Coaching for Busy People

Coaching’s something everyone can do, do quickly, and do in a way that will have a significant impact on performance and satisfaction. You don’t need to be “a people person” or use fancy coaching models. Seven good questions and the discipline to make asking them a habit is all you need. Here are four practical tactics to make your coaching fast and effective.

Stop the Busywork

Stop the Busywork

Here’s my first manifesto for the ChangeThis people. We get into the differences between Bad Work, Good Work and Great Work and share some practical strategies to do more Great Work.

Speed of Seth

Speed of Seth

One of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever undertaken is working with Seth Godin to publish End Malaria. Here are some of the lessons learned along the way, lessons you can apply to any Great Work project of your own that you undertake.

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Public Events

Find out when our Senior Partner, Michael Bungay Stanier is speaking at conferences, webinars and other public events.