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Coaching Haiku

Spotlight on #CoachingHaiku

Going, going… the countdown is on. We are accepting #CoachingHaiku entries only until 11:59 p.m. (EST), March 24, 2017. So be sure to get yours in before the deadline. You can see all of the entries so far here. Here are a Read More

Twofer Tuesday: On Questions & Facts

Our brains are complicated things. And that can be both a good thing and a bad thing. We’re capable of channelling our minds for greatness, but we’re prone to bias and lasting misconceptions. This week, I choose to channel the Read More

Coaching Haiku

Sharing #CoachingHaiku Wisdom

We’ve had a tremendous response to our #CoachingHaiku competition. You can see all of the entries so far here. I wanted to share a small selection of some of the many that have resonated with the team here at Box Read More

Ryan Nicodemus Unpacks Minimalism

If you’ve had conflicting thoughts about minimalism, you’re not alone. One of the core values here at Box of Crayons is elegance — finding the simplest, cleanest form of something. But I also love art and gifts; I’m not somebody Read More