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Hear the winners of the 2011 Business Book Awards

800 CEO-Read have just announced the category winners of their business book awards. Three of the winners – Roger Martin, Jonathan Fields and Gary Vaynerchuk – were contributors to the End Malaria project. Check out their books, which are excellent, and listen Read More

My new book isn’t a book

My new book, End Malaria, launches today. It’s a collection of 62 brilliant people – everyone from David Allen to Brene Brown, Danielle LaPorte to Chris Guillebeau, Tom Peters to Gina Trapani – sharing their best insights, strategies and tips Read More

My new book trailer

Tomorrow is the big day for my new book, End Malaria. I’m happy to give you all a sneak peek of what it’s about (which will explain why we’ve got such an usual title and, more importantly, how buying it Read More

9 Quotes That Make The Difference

I’ve been collecting quotes for, oh I don’t know, forever. I guess I’m inclined to the aphorism. Give me Emily Dickinson over Tennyson, give me a haiku over an epic. One of my first entrepreneurial ideas – this would be Read More

“I feel a very unusual sensation. If it is not indigestion, I think it must be…” (Great Work quote)×5/8-hour-flight-delay-good-vs-great-work-etc/